Menu Icon - For Food Menus

The menu icon was created for eateries. You may link this icon to an internal page on your website or to an external menu.  

We don't advise linking off of your website, however.

Scroll down this page to see a restaurant menu example.


Menu Icon - For Food Menus

Any up to date service that you are using should provide a way for you to embed your menu on your website.  You should be able to include it easily with a snippet of code that they provide.  Just use our insert HTML function.

Best Choice Restaurants Online Menu Maker

This menu maker enables you to post a powerful and easy to navigate food and drink menu on your site and it is also 100% responsive; it will work for ALL devices, including pads and mobile phones.

Also, you may take advantage of the Best Choice Restaurants Online Menu Maker.  It is still free to use.

We have included an example from a website that uses both the Best Way Websites CMS an the Best Choice Restaurants Online Menu Maker below.